King Nick's Money making guide!!!!!

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King Nick's Money making guide!!!!!

Post  king nick on Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:52 pm

K, so im just here to make a guide for new players or even veteran players.

ways to make money:

Best way most people do is Wc mage logs.

To get to woodcutting, u go to the skills teleport in the mage book

cut reg tree, then oak, willow, yew ect. when you get to mages, theres a bank next to the tree, sit there woodcut for a couple hours, get like 2k mage logs, go home, infront of door to bank an shops is a shopkeeper, sell all ur logs to him noted, for 500k A PIECE!! Mad bank! put ur noted logs in the bottom right hand corner of ur inventory and u can spam click right left to sell 10 at a time, time consuming but gets the job done.

2nd way: mining, once u get to 85 mining, u can mine rune ore, each ore is about 500k aswell, a lil more time consuming, but if its easier to you then wc'ing all the more power to you. The ores are also at the skills teleport.

Well good luck to all of you, hopefully this quick, money making guide was helpful, if you need anything, contact me ingame or message me here. Thanks you.

-- Sincerely, king nick
king nick
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Re: King Nick's Money making guide!!!!!

Post  i richie i on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:39 pm

Most basic money making guide XD, you need to be more active in game bro.

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