I Richie I's Staff Application!

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I Richie I's Staff Application! Empty I Richie I's Staff Application!

Post  IRICHIEI on Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:47 pm

Ingame name: I Richie I

Real name: Moe

How long have you been playing: Almost a month now

What staff are you applying for: Moderator

Have you been a staff member in any server: Yes, in many.

If yes, which ones: Most recent ones were ProjectDeadly and CloseReality, co-owner in both.

How old are you: 17

Where do you live: Michigan, USA

How long can you play a week: 5+ hours a day, if not more.

Who's main owner of server: Rave2Techno

Why do you think you deserve to be a staff member: Because I know a lot about TechnoPkz, I've helped many people in many ways. I've donated to the server, I vote 6 times a day sometimes more, I welcome every new player I see, I know all the rules. I enforce voting, donating, and advertising a lot. I've helped Rave and Elotes with server-sided problems, such as dupes, etc. I recently confiscated a ton of duped items with the help of another player. I really care about the server and I really strive to help the server become better and grow everyday. I've contributed to the server in many ways basically. Very Happy

If there was a scammer how would you handle it: I would jail the accused, take both sides of the story. I'm pretty fluent and I can tell when somebody is lying or not. But still, there is a big window for error. So, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. I'd keep the accused jailed and try to have somebody look at trade logs. If the scam wasn't too big, I'd probably give the scammed some stuff back. But that's just me. Very Happy


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