Mus1cman's Admin Application.

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Mus1cman's Admin Application. Empty Mus1cman's Admin Application.

Post  Mus1cman on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:19 am

Ingame name: Mus1cman

Real name: Glen

How long have you been playing: I've been playing Technopkz for 2 weeks now but have played private servers for 8 years and RS for 10.

What staff are you applaying for: Admin or Head Admin

Have you been a staff member in any server: I have been mods in several, and Co-Owner in one.

If yes, wich ones: I have been a Mod in Lightscape, Mikescape and Project rainbow and a Co-Owner in a server which was sadly made offline recently due to the Owners lack of enthusiasm..

How old are you: 18

Where do you live: Manchester, UK

How long can you play a week: Because Of My timezone difference to most players from The states, I am always on when they are, as I stay up all night at university and can also be on during the afternoon and evening in UK time, So I'm pretty much always on!

Whos main owner of server: The one and only Rave2techno

Why do you think you deserve to be a staff member: I like to think that I am a nice guy and approachable with all players, new or old. I'm very used to helping out and also know the score with the rules and the way servers work (where things are, commands etc..), which is why I'm applying for Admin or Head admin as I think I'd be a good right-hand man! I think it's important that the server gets as much attention as possible so I will advertise and vote as much as possible and also donate when I can, regardless of the Admin spawn commands.. I would still be an avid player, the only difference being that I would have certain powers to help In game Smile

If there was a scammer how would you handle it: The same way I always do: Find the source of the problem and who the scammer is, find out who has been scammed and tele them both to the staffzone where I would go on to discuss with them the situation. If the scammer is not willing to show remorse for his/her actions and give the items/money back then there will be consequences. I usually issue them with a warning and tell them not to scam again (if they return the items) and then If they do scam again, I jail them untill the Owner gets on and discuss the situation with the Owner.

Thanks for taking your time to read and I hope this shows that I'm fit for the position. Smile

Mus1cman (Glen).


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Mus1cman's Admin Application. Empty Re: Mus1cman's Admin Application.

Post  Teh Saints on Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:26 am

I only vouch for players whom I see fit to persue the role they have applied for, Mus1cman, or Glen, is a very approachable player, I have been talking to him for hours on end about lots of things, from ingame topics, to real life, Glen seems to be a very kind, truthful and dedicated player and is always willing to give a hand, his timeframe works very well with Rave and a few other staff being off, and he is on around the same time as me if not a little different, I would love to work alongside Glen in any role, I here by give my person +1 Vouch to Glen.

Goodluck on your application!

Teh Saints

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