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#1 - Respect the staff and the other players, don't make it an un enjoyable place. If you have nothing better to do other than cursing, trolling or attempting to crash a server- reconsider what you are doing with your life, maybe get a job?

#2 - Abusing of glitches that are unreported will result in a ban. Found a glitch? Find a member of staff and report it.

#3 - Offensive to other players? Leave. STRICTLY NO RACISM, SEXISM AND ALL THAT SHIZ.

#4 - Scamming is illegal, especially dicing- use a trusted host (Donor+), otherwise no complaining. LURING is LEGAL.

#5 - Do not ask for staff nor donor, earn it. You can do this by the following: 1. Recruiting 2. Being active and consistently helpful. 3. Prove you are a trusted player- A big boost in your chances being a donator, although i'm not suggesting you buy your way to a Rank. There is nothing exciting about being a Moderator, moderators have strict rules too, just with more responsibility. Staff are also under obligation to follow all these rules. See a member of staff abusing? Report them. Take a screenshot and post it on the forums.

#6 - Do not tell staff and certainly not Rave suggestions in game, post them on the 'Suggestions' section on the Forums, it's there for a reason.♥

#7 - Don't be a derp, if you have managed to get on a RsPs, you obviously have some brains in you, take stupidity elsewhere.

#8 - This shouldn't even be a rule because it's that obvious, DO NOT ADVERTISE any other server, it's not only a mute, but i will personally crash your PC. That's a promise.

#9 - Absolutely no cheating, this means no botting although you CAN use auto clicker, if caught, instant ban.

#10 - Last but not least, HAVE FUN


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